Life insurance

Care about your family’s future and well being? Be covered in case something happens to you.

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Health insurance

Worried about your unexpected health issues? Be covered for unexpected hospitalization.

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Travel insurance

Going abroad or planning to travel for vacation? Be covered for any accidents or mishaps.

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Auto insurance

A proud car owner? Be covered for any car damages, accidents or theft on the road.

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Corporate Health Insurance

Want to give your employees the most meaningful of perks?
Get them health insurance to ensure their well beings
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What we can offer


Packages quotes from top insurance companies of Pakistan as per requirements


Present and explain an indepth comparisons and terminologies between each quotation


Give suggestions based on our experiences and help you take the right decision.

Why get corporate health insurance?


Health insurance is by far the most sought out benefit employees can receive from their company


Get access to more doctors and hospitals. Group insurance panel hospitals are the best in the country


Takes responsibility of your employees’ health concerns. Build a happier, better team!


It’s economical! Get your employees insured for as low as PKR 4,000 per year per employee

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Companies on our comparison list

We have got the top insurane companies of Pakistan on our website for you to compare plans between


Pak Qatar


Allianz EFU

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