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An individual health insurance covers health expenses for only one person (yourself). There are many plans that insure you and your other family members such as spouse and children.
You are eligible to apply for insurance if you are aged 18 – 49 years. Some companies extend the upper limit to 55.
Most companies offer family insurance plans that cover your spouse and up to 4 children.
Begin by entering the your own age, then the age of your spouse followed by the age of your children.
Insurance works by charging you monthly payments. When asked your budget for health insurance, enter the amount you are willing to put aside every month as an installment to manage your health risks.
If you are suffering from a disease or health condition at the time you are applying for insurance, it’s important to read through a company’s Pre-existing Condition Policy.
If you are a frequent traveler, make sure you pick an insurance plan that covers you while you are on the go!
Make sure your preferred doctor and hospital are on your insurance company’s panel. It makes procedures convenient and easy at the time of claim.

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