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Schengen is a group of 26 European states that require no visa for entry and exit during travel between these countries.
A family insurance policy can come in handy when travelling with your immediate family members. The more the people, the higher the risk that something can go wrong!
Remember that in insurance terms, your trip begins when you enter the airport at your country of departure and ends as soon as you enter your home airport again.
How much money can you keep aside to pay your travel insurance company for managing your risk?
It’s tempting to go for the cheapest travel insurance plan that you find. But be careful to check exactly what your plan covers. The coverage should be in line with the nature of your travel. Make sure the company doesn’t put any restrictions on destinations and activities, and covers the expensive items you carry during travel.
Never go for a hasty choice when selecting travel insurance. Apply for insurance at least two weeks before travel.
Don’t assume that any valuables you take with you on your trip are automatically covered. Many times expensive items such as phones, laptops, jewelry are excluded from cover.
The most important thing to do when applying for travel insurance is to read through your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PSD). This tells you what costs are covered and what costs are excluded.

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