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Exclusive Corporate Health Insurance package for P@SHA member

We have some great news! P@SHA and easyinsurance have joined hands to provide discounted Group Health Insurance plans for member organizations

Dear P@SHA members,

P@SHA and easyinsurance have partnered to provide the best Group Health Insurance offers for P@SHA member organizations.

Under this partnership, P@SHA members will receive not only highly discounted rates (20%-25% discount) but also 100% pre-existing and congenital conditions coverage for their team members.

Providing medical benefits has proven to be one of the most effective tools for employee retention across the globe. Under this offer, you will be able to provide comprehensive health insurance to your employees and their loved ones at the lowest possible rate in Pakistan.

For a quick overview, click here to download a group health insurance proposal generated for a P@SHA firm recently. If you’d like a detailed discussion over call, you can find Saad at +92 310 2789343.

To get free proposals generated for your team, please fill in your contact details by clicking here.

To estimate the total cost for your team by yourself, you can use below table with indicative rates:

Hospitalization Limit PKR500k400k300k200k
Room Limit PKRPrivateSemi PrivateSemi PrivateSemi Private
Average Rate Per Person PKR5,5954,4113,2092,791

To estimate total cost, simply multiply the number of total lives with the indicative rate.

For example, easyinsurance has 15 employees. Including spouses and children, the total number of individuals in the easyinsurance group is 30.

If easyinsurance chooses to provide Rs. 500,000 coverage to only employees, their total cost will be Rs. 5,595 x 15 = Rs. 83,925 for 1 year.

If easyinsurance chooses to provide Rs. 500,000 coverage toemployees and their families, their total cost will be Rs. 5,595 x 30 = Rs. 167,850

Parents' Coverage (Optional):

Since most P@SHA member companies have employees in their 20s and 30s with living parents, we negotiated an incredible coverage plan for the parents of your employees.

As part of our exclusive offering, we are able to provide 100% pre-existing conditions coverage to the parents of your team members as well! As a result, any instance of emergency treatment (hospitalization, day-care surgery and specialized investigation) will be covered by the insurance company even if the claimant has been suffering from a condition for years.

Offering parent coverage to young team members will help you distinguish yourself in the market and retain the best talent.

The indicative rates for parents are given below:

Hospitalization Limit PKR300,000200,000
Average Rate per parent PKR22,00016,000

To calculate estimated cost for parents’ coverage, simply multiply the number of parents to the average rate given above.

Let’s say that easyinsurance chooses to give coverage to the parents of 5 of its longest-serving employees. The cost to easyinsurance to insure 10 parents will be Rs. 22,000 per parent for Rs. 300,000 hospitalization cover per parent. In this case, the total parents’ premium will be Rs. 220,000.

Maternity Coverage (Optional Cover):

You can also provide maternity cover to your team members at additional cost. The indicative rates for maternity are given below:

Plan APlan BPlan CPlan DPlan E
Normal PKR150,000125,000100,00075,00050,000
Complicated PKR300,000250,000200,000150,000100,000
Average Per Person Rater PKR49,60341,33533,06824,80116,534

To get the approximate cost of maternity coverage, simply multiply the number of married females in the group with the average cost per person of your desired plan.

For example, easyinsurance has 10 married females in its group. To provide maternity cover (Plan D), easyinsurance will have to pay (Rs. 24,801 x 10) Rs. 248,010. This premium will provide Rs. 75,000 normal deliver cover and Rs. 150,000 complicated delivery cover to the team of easyinsurance.

OPD Coverage (Optional):

P@SHA members can also provide out-patient (OPD) treatment coverage to their employees. OPD treatment includes regular, non-emergency doctor consultations and medical tests – treatments which don’t fall under IPD treatment or under covered day-care surgeries and specialized investigations.

To provide OPD coverage, P@SHA member companies can set up a shared OPD pool with the insurance company.

easyinsurance decides to give Rs. 10,000 annual OPD limit to the 30 lives in its group. To set up an OPD pool fund, easyinsurance will pay the insurance company Rs. 300,000 for shared OPD pool and an additional Rs. 30,000 administration fee at 10% administrative charges. The insurance company will then handle all OPD claims on behalf of easyinsurance.

The insurance company charges 10% administrative fee on the consumed OPD pool.

If the easyinsurance team uses only Rs. 100,000 of the OPD pool, the total payment to the insurance company will be Rs. 110,000 – including 10% administrative fee on the consumed amount. The remaining amount – Rs. 220,000 – will be carried forward to the next year.

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