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Free comparison

Choose from the top insurers of Pakistan for the best rate and value
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Online access

View your plan details & documents from anywhere, anytime from your profile
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Zero hassle

We offer a secure neutral platform without dealing with self-serving agents
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Pay online

Our payment gateways allow you to pay for your plan securely from anywhere
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Right choice

We give extensive guidance and advice so you always select the right insurance
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Claim assistance

We will help you with any issue in the claim process and offer online support

Features of health insurance

Once you buy health insurance, you get the coverage on these incidents

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Emergency hospitalization


Pre & Post hospitalization expenses


Day care surgeries/ procedures (e.g. Endoscopy, Angiography, Dialysis)


Intensive Care Unit (ICU)


Specialized investigations (MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan, EEG, EMG, ETT, All Type Of Biopsies)


Treatment of fractures & lacerated wounds


Ambulance for emergencies

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easyinsurance provided the best advice and guidance to help us get the right insurance plan and proved to be the trusted platform we had been looking for. We would highly recommend their service.

Mustafa & Suniya

Mustafa & Suniya

Founders - Mauqa.Online open_in_new

easyinsurance made the process of selecting the right policy very smooth. I always wanted to get life insurance but somehow dealing with agents and their non-stop follow up calls wasn’t my cup of tea. easyinsurance helped me make the right decision.

Murtaza Zaidi

Murtaza Zaidi

CEO - CyberVision open_in_new

We needed health insurance for our team members but we didn't want to go through the hassles associated with the process. easyinsurance got us the best, customized quotes and connected us to credible companies.

Farrukh Malik

Farrukh Malik

CEO - Discretelogix open_in_new


Trusted agency

easyinsurance is run by Neoteric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. We are an authorized agency of the listed insurance companies. You can verify the policy number generated upon issuance directly with the insurance company of your choice.

Policy issuance

Your policy will be issued directly by the insurance company of your choice. easyinsurance acts as an independent guiding and purchasing platform. All claims procedures would be handled by the insurance company directly. You will be emailed the documentation of your policy.
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