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Why buy Home Insurance

As witnessed last monsoon season, our homes can fall victim to natural disasters with fair regularity. Home insurance will not only protect the outer structures (building, walls etc.) but also protect the contents of your homes including furniture, appliances etc.
In case of any loss to your home, we have got you covered. Through our plans, we will stand by you and help you rebuild/refurnish your home.

How to choose a plan

Home insurance plans primarily cover building structures (the brick and mortar part of your house) and the contents (your belongings including but not limited to furniture, appliances and other fixtures and fittings). As an add-on, you can insure your jewelry within your home as well. The best plan for you will depend on the risk to your building, risk to your contents and your lifestyle. Depending on your location and living arrangements, you can select a plan that best suits your needs.

Why buy through us

Our insurance advisor will help you assess the risk to your building and the risk to your contents/belongings so that we can customize a plan that suits your needs. Depending on your location and your lifestyle, we will find you a plan that guarantees protection and provides you absolute peace of mind. The companies on our panel have been carefully selected based on past performance. We not only provide the plans with the best terms and conditions but also ensure that you understand the terms and conditions clearly. We are an authorized agency and our service is completely free for you. We are affiliate marketing partners with our partner insurance companies and promise the best rates in the market!

Top coverage features

Damage to house or contents in case of Atmospheric Disturbance | Aircraft Damage | Burglary | Earthquake | Accidental damage to underground tanks | Fire & Lightning | Riot & Strike | Malicious Damage | Explosion | Impact Damage | Storm/Flood

Home insurance by type

Building Intensive | Belongings/Contents Intensive.

Features of home insurance

Once you buy home insurance, you can get following benefits:

  • Financial compensation in case of damage to building. (Reconstruction costs provided by company)
  • Compensation in case to damage to furniture, appliances, fittings etc. (Refurnishing costs provided by the insurance company)
  • Optional coverage of jewelry at home can also be purchased.
  • Other optional features as per different plans including dowry coverage, third party liabilities coverage, fire extinguishing compensation etc.

easyinsurance provided the best advice and guidance to help us get the right insurance plan and proved to be the trusted platform we had been looking for. We would highly recommend their service.
Mustafa & Suniya
Founders - Mauqa.Online
easyinsurance made the process of selecting the right policy very smooth. I always wanted to get life insurance but somehow dealing with agents and their non-stop follow up calls wasn’t my cup of tea. easyinsurance helped me make the right decision.
Murtaza Zaidi
Murtaza Zaidi
CEO - CyberVision
We needed health insurance for our team members but we didn't want to go through the hassles associated with the process. easyinsurance got us the best, customized quotes and connected us to credible companies.
Farrukh Malik
Farrukh Malik
CEO - Discretelogix

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